Immigration through investment: where and how can I get a permanent residence for investment?

Where and how can I get a permanent residence for investment?

To obtain the right to permanent residence in a particular developed country simply by investing a large amount of money in its economy (in some way or another) is perhaps the best option for people who have a fairly large capital. To learn more about residency by investment, please visit https://offshorecitizen.net/residency-and-passports/residency-by-investment/.

Where will you be welcome?

Such an opportunity is worth considering for those who have available funds from $ 500,000. Such capital makes it possible to move to a permanent residence in almost any country in the world.

However, the specific mechanisms of investment and citizenship, of course, are different everywhere.

So, in the case of Canada, it is necessary to give the Canadian government a large interest-free loan for 5 years.

The money will come back to you, but without any profit (and with a decrease due to inflation).

It is also possible to pay a small part of this amount, but forever – and one of the banks gives a loan for you.

In the US, investment is also considered one of the reasons for obtaining a residence permit. However, in this case, you need to be a very active investor: you can not just give someone a half million dollars and start packing your bags.

You must take an active part in the work of the company you are organizing or in which you invest along with other owners. But all the profits belong only to you. Actually, this method deserves the name rather “business immigration.”

Another example of obtaining permanent residence for investments in Latvia. It requires 300,000 euros. Putting them in a Latvian bank, you can easily obtain a residence permit (the money, of course, remains yours, but you will not be able to remove them immediately).

Alternative is simpler

Not all countries provide the opportunity to invest N hundreds of thousands of $ and live peacefully in them legally. However, almost everywhere there are programs that allow rich people to solve all the problems with the country of residence. For example, in Italy, you can live just a rich pensioner – it is enough to prove your worth.

A similar residence can actually be issued in Spain.

However, even with respect to the countries in which there are no similar items in immigration law, people with good capital have no problems.

Indeed, almost everywhere there is such a possibility as business immigration. And a ban on it is not expected in the future – after all, the refusal of a residence permit for businessmen can greatly damage the economy.

Investment in Real estate in Europe

The market, which is a property in Europe, has attracted buyers from all over the world for more than the first century. The main and fundamental advantage of houses, villas, and castles in the countries of the Old World has always been a variety of options. Any buyer can find for themselves an object that is suitable in size, cost, location, completeness of the nearby infrastructure, level of comfort and many other criteria. The choice is really huge!
For modern investors, the current period of time in terms of investment in real estate in the European Union is particularly interesting. And not just because today’s market, more than ever, is replete with a wide range of offers of various classes. The main interest is the fact that nowadays investments in European real estate assets represent an unprecedented benefit. The fact is that in connection with the past crisis and the expectation of a new wave of real estate in Europe, prices went down. This is especially noticeable in individual EU countries. So now, for example, you can buy a house in Spain at a very attractive price. 
Temporary instability in the markets and small economic shakes scare only amateurs. But experienced investors who are engaged in investment in Western real estate assets for a long time and who know this direction very well will not be intimidated by this. On the contrary, they perfectly understand the prospects of such periods and the potential degree of profitability from objects acquired at such a favorable time. 
The economy of the European Union for many years of its existence has faced many tests and has already managed to become a kind of organism that has developed a strong immunity to various negative influences and the ability to recover from any shocks. For knowledgeable investors, it is no secret that this stage, which led to cheaper housing and commercial space, will end sooner or later. And it will end with new growth – property prices in the European Union will go up with a new force. The logic is simple: to buy real estate in Europe today means making an unprecedented bargain and making an investment that guarantees high profitability. 
The opportunity to buy property abroad without intermediaries is now becoming more available than ever. 
Dealing with the seller directly implies not only low cost, but also the absence of unnecessary bureaucratic delays. Moreover, this approach to buying assets is much safer and eliminates the likelihood of becoming a victim of fraudsters. 
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